The Story

During the summer of 2010 I enjoyed playing petanque in the gardens of my family and friends. Previously I had played a few games in parks and such but this time I got really hooked. I just had to build my own petanque lane in my garden. I had a perfect spot for it beside some grapevine plants left be the previous house owners. I did the necesarry research on how to build a petanque lane and started to dig.

When the lane was finished I realized that I needed a score board. Since I had already developed apps for both the iPhone and the iPad the solution came clear and I made the Petanque Score Board app for the iPad.

I hope you will enjoy!

- Lasse


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My petanque lane is 12 meters long and 3 meters wide and the top layer is a special kind of gravel used for making paths in many parks of the royal castles in Denmark where I live. Besides providing a hard surface it also lets the water pass through quickly when it has been raining.